Wolverhampton is a City status in the United Kingdom and metropolitan borough in the West Midlands (county), England. In 2004, the local government district had an estimated population of 239,100; the wider Urban Area had a population of 251,462, which makes it the List of urban areas in England by population
Historic counties of England a part of Staffordshire, and forming part of the metropolitan county of the West Midlands from 1974, the city is commonly recognised as being named after Wulfrun, who founded the town in 985. Alternatively, the city may have earned its original name from "Wulfhere of Mercia high or principal enclosure or farm" after the Mercian King. Nevertheless, the name Wulfrun is commonly used in the city - or example, for the Wulfrun Centre or Wulfrun Hall.
The city's name is often abbreviated to Wolvo"W'ton" or "Wolves". The city council's motto is "Out of darkness, cometh light". People from Wolverhampton are known as ''Wulfrunians''.
The city grew initially as a market town with specialism within the wool. During and after the Industrial Revolution, the city became a major industrial centre, with mining (mostly coal, limestone and iron ore) as well as production of steel, japanning, Lock (device), motorcycles and Automobile – including the first vehicle to hold the Land speed record at over 200 mph. Today, the major industries within the city are both engineering based (including a large aerospace industry) and within the Tertiary sector of economic activity.

Why visit?

  • Wolverhampton is home to a range of attractions, from the Wolverhampton Art Gallery to the West Midlands Safari Park. There is something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Wolverhampton is home to a range of parks and green spaces, from the West Park to the Wightwick Manor. With plenty of places to relax and enjoy the outdoors, it is the perfect place to spend a day.
  • Wolverhampton is a city steeped in history, with a variety of attractions to explore. From the Victorian architecture of the city centre to the ruins of the old castle, there is plenty to discover.