Gravesend is a town in northwest Kent, England, on the south bank of the River Thames, opposite Tilbury in Essex. It is the administrative town of the Districts of England of Gravesham and, because of its geographical position, has always had an important role to play in the history and communications of this part of England. It still retains today a strong link with the river. The opening of the Eurostar railway station at Ebbsfleet railway station, and the fact that it lies with the Thames Gateway, add to the town's importance.

Why visit?

  • Tilbury Fort is a historic fort located just outside of Gravesend. The fort is open to visitors and offers a range of activities, including guided tours, a museum, and a range of events.
  • The Bluewater Shopping Centre is located just outside of Gravesend and is one of the largest shopping centres in the UK. The centre features a range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, making it a great place to visit.
  • Gravesend hosts a range of events throughout the year, including the annual Gravesend Festival, the Gravesend Summer Festival, and the Gravesend Christmas Festival.