Salisbury   is a city status in the United Kingdom in Wiltshire, England and the only city in the county. It is the second largest settlement (with the largest being Swindon) in the county.  It has also been called New Sarum to distinguish it from the original site of settlement to the north of the city at Old Sarum, but this alternative name is not in common use.
The city is located in the south-east of Wiltshire, near the edge of Salisbury Plain. It sits at the confluence of five rivers: the River Nadder, River Ebble, River Wylye and River Bourne, Wiltshire are tributary to the River Avon, Hampshire, which flows to the south coast and into the sea at Christchurch, Dorset.  Salisbury railway station serves the city, and is the crossing point between the West of England Main Line and the Wessex Main Line making it a regional interchange.

Why visit?

  • The Salisbury Museum is home to a wealth of artefacts and exhibits, including the world-famous Magna Carta. Learn about the history of the city and its people, and explore the many interactive displays.
  • Salisbury is surrounded by stunning countryside, with plenty of opportunities for walking, cycling, and horse riding. Visit the nearby Wiltshire Downs and enjoy the rolling hills and lush green fields.
  • Salisbury is home to a wealth of historic sites, including the iconic Salisbury Cathedral, the Magna Carta, and the Old Sarum Iron Age Hillfort. Take a stroll around the city centre and explore the many historic buildings and monuments.