Dundee is the fourth-largest City status in the United Kingdom in Scotland and the 38th List of largest United Kingdom settlements by population in the United Kingdom. It lies within the eastern central Lowlands on the north bank of the Firth of Tay, which feeds into the North Sea. Under the name of ''Dundee City'', it forms one of the 32 Council areas of Scotland used for Local government in Scotland.
Evidence suggests Dundee has been continuously occupied since the Mesolithic. The town developed into a burgh in Medieval times, and expanded rapidly in the 19th century largely due to the jute industry. This, along with its other major industries gave Dundee its epithet as the city of"jam, jute and journalism".
In mid-2008, the population of Dundee City was estimated to be 142,070, with a metropolitan population of 159,522. Dundee's recorded population reached a peak of 182,204 at the time of the 1971 census, but has since declined due to emigration.
Today, Dundee is promoted as 'One City Many Discoveries.' This took over from the ''City of Discovery'', in honour of Dundee's history of scientific activities and of the RRS Discovery, Robert Falcon Scott's Antarctica exploration vessel, which was built in Dundee and is now berthed in the city harbour. Biomedical and technological industries have arrived since the 1980s, and the city now accounts for 10% of the United Kingdom's digital-entertainment industry. Dundee has two universities—the University of Dundee and the University of Abertay Dundee.

Why visit?

  • Dundee City is steeped in history, with a variety of attractions and landmarks to explore. From the Verdant Works, a former jute mill, to the McManus Galleries, a museum and art gallery, there is something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Dundee City is home to a variety of parks and gardens, offering a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Take a stroll through the Botanic Gardens, or explore the nearby Camperdown Country Park.
  • Dundee City is home to a vibrant cultural scene, with a variety of festivals and events taking place throughout the year. From the Dundee Flower and Food Festival to the Dundee Jazz Festival, there is something for everyone to enjoy.