Royal Leamington Spa, commonly known as Leamington Spa or Leamington or ''Leam''  to locals, is a spa town in central Warwickshire, England. Formerly known as ''Leamington Priors'', its expansion began following the popularisation of the medicinal qualities of its water by Dr Kerr in 1784, and by Dr Lambe around 1797. During the 19th century, the town experienced one of the most rapid expansions in England.
Six electoral wards make up the urban town of Leamington Spa; ''Brunswick'', ''Milverton'', ''Manor'', ''Crown'', ''Clarendon'' and ''Willes''. The estimated total population for those wards in 2008 was 39,940.
It is named after the River Leam which flows through the town.

Why visit?

  • Royal Leamington Spa is home to a number of beautiful parks and gardens, including the Jephson Gardens, Victoria Park, and Newbold Comyn.
  • Royal Leamington Spa is home to a number of attractions, including the Royal Spa Centre, the Royal Pump Rooms, and the Royal Priors Shopping Centre.
  • Royal Leamington Spa is home to a variety of historic buildings, including the Royal Pump Rooms, the Jephson Gardens, and the Regency-style architecture of the Parade.