Wrexham  is a town in Wales. It is the administrative centre of the wider Wrexham County Borough, and the largest town in North Wales, located to the east of the region. It is situated between the Welsh mountains and the lower River Dee, Wales close to the border with Cheshire, England. As North Wales' largest town, it is a major centre of the region's commercial, retail and educational infrastructure.
At the time of the United Kingdom Census 2001, Wrexham had a population of 42,576, and the wider Wrexham Urban Area, as defined by the Office for National Statistics, had a population of 63,084. The wider Wrexham county borough, which covers 50,500 hectares, has a population of over 130,000. The town is ranked as the List of urban areas in Wales by population, however its urban area is the 4th largest, after Cardiff, Swansea and Newport.

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