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Sevenoaks is a commuter town situated on the London fringe of west Kent, England, some 20 miles (31.2 km) south-east of Charing Cross, on one of the principal commuter rail lines from the capital. The town gives its name to the Sevenoaks (district), of which it is the principal town, followed by Swanley and Edenbridge, Kent.  
The presence of Knole House, a large mansion, led to the earlier settlement becoming a village; in the 13th century a market was established.  Sevenoaks became part of the modern communications network when one of the earlier toll road was opened in the 18th century; the railway was relatively late in reaching it.  It has a large commuting population although a nearby defence installation is a large employer of labour.   
There are a number of independent educational establishments in the town, including the prestigious Sevenoaks School.

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