train bolton 142 dmu northernrail 056 142056 014mar10vogon 20100105.entwistle reservoir.. play home games at the Reebok Stadium (Reebok, the sportswear company, is based in the town) and The List of WBA world champions List of super lightweight boxing champions Amir Khan (boxer) was born in the town. The house was home to Samuel Crompton who invented the Spinning Mule while living here in"><img alt="more from wikipedia" id="wikipediaicon" title="more from wikipedia" src="graphics/wikipedia. It was originally built as a half-timbered hall in the 16th century and was owned by a family of wealthy yeomen and merchants.Moon over Bolton Town Hall.A pastie from Ye Olde Pastie Shop, Bolton.Hall i' th' Wood Museum is a rare surviving example of a Tudor wooden framed house.</div> &nbsp; <div>Bolton has had notable success in sport; Premier League football club Bolton Wanderers F. The British cotton industry declined sharply after the World War I, and by the 1980s cotton manufacture had virtually ceased in Bolton.Town Hall seen through the arch of the Gateway Bridge.Hall i'th' Wood Museum, Bolton. Bolton is surrounded by several smaller towns and villages which together form the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton, of which Bolton is the administrative bridge england lancashire bolton townhall greatermanchester nwengland bridgearch. It was a boomtown of the 19th century and at its zenith, in 1929, its 216 cotton mills and 26 bleaching and dying works made it one of the largest and most productive centres of Spinning (textiles) in the world.New view of Bolton.bolton 2008 greatermanchester nikone3700.Bolton Christmas 2007 (2)..This reminds me a little bit of the Civic Centre in Oldham a little bit.</div> &nbsp; <div>Historic counties of England a part of Lancashire, Bolton originated as a small settlement in the moorland known as Bolton le Moors. The urbanisation and development of Bolton largely coincided with the introduction of textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution.. During the English Civil War the town was a Roundhead outpost in a staunchly Cavalier region, and as a result Bolton was stormed by 3,000 Royalist troops led by Prince Rupert of the Rhine in 1644.Sophie.</div> &nbsp;<br /><br /><a target="_blank" href="http://en.wikipedia.gif" /></a>. In what became known as the Bolton Massacre, 1,600 residents were killed and 700 were taken prisoner. The town of Bolton has a population of 139,403, whilst the wider metropolitan borough has a population of 262,400.Moon Over Bolton..moon canon eos bolton 5d. In the mid seventeenth century a grand stone extension in the Jacobean style was added.Northern Rail 142 056 seen accelarating away from a very snowy Bolton Station on 5th January 2010.. .christmas xmas uk england lights northwest lancashire bolton 2007 lancs greatermanchester.The moon over Bolton Town Hall at 13:30 today.frosty morning 1366 x england museum northwest lancashire bolton greatermanchester guesswhereuk moon bolton pvp 000checkfav 014mar10vogon 000checkviews. The Spinning Mule was capable of spinning very fine cotton thread and it had a massive impact on the textile industy.england copyright mike manchester photography bury pretty united sunday kingdom professional bolton atkins radcliffe mikeatkins bigmikeyeah mikeatkinsphotography photographersfrommanchester manchesterphotographers photographersbasedinmanchester.Northern Rail 142 056 and Bolton Arch. Bolton also has several notable cultural aspects, including Octagon Theatre, Bolton and the Bolton Museum and Art Gallery, as well as one of the earliest public libraries established after the Public Libraries Act 1850.morning winter wallpaper england copyright mike manchester photography bury frost background laptop united kingdom professional bolton atkins radcliffe mikeatkins bigmikeyeah mikeatkinsphotography photographersfrommanchester manchesterphotographers photographersbasedinmanchester.The Wellsprings, Bolton.the sunrise over a frosted field outside the house in manchester.england food northwest lancashire bolton pastie lancs greatermanchester yeoldiepastieshoppe.<div>Bolton is a town in Greater Manchester, in the North West England. Close to the West Pennine Moors, it is &nbsp;north west of the city of Manchester..</div> &nbsp; <div>Noted as a former mill town, Bolton has been a production centre for textiles since Flemish people weavers settled in the area during the 15th century, developing a wool and cotton weaving tradition.C..Bolton, Kaffe und kΕ±che... (@ Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet in Ellesmere Port, South Wirral) , Bye bye Wigan πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.bolton, Wigan could be down by the weekend #sensational fall from grace.Bolton, @amellywood hi pal please give a massive shout for Blackpool Comic con, @thecomicconco England. We think your great. September 12th.Bolton, Asking questions ut the sacking of 2 staff members at Bolton uni. Is it really council business? #boltoncouncilfullmeeting.Bolton, Why cant bolton have decent weather like london?!.bolton, #dragon how cool is it to watch a rocket take off in florida live and 29 mins later see it fly over your head in bolton uk.Bolton , Cba going to Bolton town tomorrow just to buy some eyeliner because I've ran out, such an effort.bolton, @VirtualAstro dragon looked awesome from bolton.Bolton, Ft new mills 1-4 Brighouse mean we need 1 more point tommorow night come on boro.Bolton, Middlesbrough, Bournemouth and Watford for me, but I don't watch the championship so don't have a clue, Everyone deserves a home @HomesforBritain @MyGreatPlace @PlumlifeHomes #Oldham #Graphics &amp; install by Impression
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